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Capital Building, Washington D.C.


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Press Release: U.S. Senate Gift Shop Asks Studio Daedre to Design Holiday Illustration

Studio Daedre unveils a especially designed holiday image for the U.S. Senate Gift Shop in the Capital Building, Washington D.C.

Neil Schwartz, Director of the Senate Gift Shop, was looking for a fresh new image to add to the Holiday Cards this year. He spoke with Daedre about creating an illustration that captures the excitement of the holiday season in D.C. This is Studio Daedre's second project with the Senate Gift Shop. Earlier this year, Daedre designed an image of cherry blossoms in front of the Capital Dome. As a result of this success, Daedre was invited to design a new holiday image with the Capital and the National Christmas Tree. One of the Director's considerations in choosing Studio Daedre is that the cards are designed and made in America. The sparkle, which has become a signature of Daedre's designs, is added by hand individually on each illustration. "This is a huge honor," said Daedre Berryman, Creative Director of Studio Daedre. "I think of the last time that I was in D.C. during the holidays, how breathtaking our Capital is and the pride I felt visiting it. I tried to express my emotions in this illustration." Daedre, the designer behind Studio Daedre, has always been happiest when she is creating. A love of design inspired Daedre to attend University at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo receiving two degrees in Architecture, obtaining her license and practicing architecture in Los Angeles for many years. Daedre also loves to travel; visiting iconic buildings around the world and being inspired by different cultures and viewpoints. This has lead Daedre to work with many iconic institutions: The Kennedy Center, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The San Francisco Ballet, The Field Museum, The Hollywood Bowl, The Dallas Symphony, The Palm Springs Museum, Morse Museum of American Art and The Decorative Arts Museum of Ohio, to name a few. Studio Daedre is committed to producing superior quality product with exquisite illustrations and a hand made touch. Daedre has been honored as a Louis Award Finalist in recognition of creative excellence in the greeting card and gift industry.


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